Common Storage workspace

Note: The Common Storage Area Analyzer (CSA Analyzer), supplied with OMEGAMON products, must be started for this workspace to display data.

This workspace, accessed from the Navigator, displays information about four important areas of common storage: common service area (CSA), extended CSA (ECSA), system queue area (SQA), and extended SQA (ESQA). The information provided includes

  • the percentage and amount of CSA and ECSA currently allocated. The percentage is calculated by dividing the amount of storage currently allocated by the total amount of storage available and includes storage in use and unowned storage.
  • the amount of SQA and ESQA that is overflowing into CSA and ECSA, respectively. The overflow values are not included in SQA and ESQA total sizes.
  • the amount of storage currently in use
  • the total size of each area. If the bottom of CSA or the top of ECSA is not on a megabyte boundary, further rounding occurs to move either the bottom of CSA or the top of ECSA to the next megabyte boundary.
  • the amount of allocated storage that is not owned by an address space
  • the growth in use during the last interval.

The in-use percentage and amount of growth are also illustrated as bar charts. CSA and SQA use is typically stable, growing only when a subsystem, for example, DB2, is started, at IPL time, or when many new users log on. Therefore, you can use growth in common storage to spot potential problems as well as trends in CSA use.

This workspace can record history.

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