Preparation and planning

This guide provides information specific to configuration of IBM Z OMEGAMON Monitor for z/OS. The OMEGAMON XE Products: Preinstallation Requirements and Instructions technote and the Planning and Configuring sections of the IBM® Tivoli OMEGAMON XE and Tivoli Management Services on z/OS: Shared documentation contain planning information that is common to the deployment and configuration of all OMEGAMON® XE monitoring agents and Tivoli® Management Services components on z/OS®. You should be familiar with the information in those documents before you read the information in this book. (See Other sources of documentation for information on locating technotes.)

The chapters in this section contain introductory and planning information:
  • Introducing IBM Z OMEGAMON Monitor for z/OS provides an overview of the monitoring product and the infrastructure on which it runs. It also introduces new features of the product that may affect deployment and configuration.
  • Planning for configuration discusses prerequisites for product installation and the monitoring of certain types of data and provides information to help you plan the configuration of IBM Z OMEGAMON Monitor for z/OS monitoring agents.
  • Upgrading to the new release discusses the product-specific requirements and sequence of steps for upgrading to this release.

A Tivoli Enterprise Monitoring Server must be configured in each runtime environment in which IBM Z OMEGAMON Monitor for z/OS is configured. Before you continue to Configuration, use IBM Tivoli Monitoring: Configuring the Tivoli Enterprise Monitoring Server on z/OS to configure a monitoring server in each runtime environment.