VTS Virtual Devices Summary

The VTS Virtual Devices Summary attributes provide response time information for the virtual devices assigned to a virtual tape server (VTS).

Busy Percent: The percentage of time this virtual drive was busy processing I/O requests.

Connect Time: The connect time for this virtual drive. Connect time is the time that I/O spends searching for or requesting data.

Device Address: The MVS™ address of this virtual drive.

Device Model: The generic tape drive type, such as 3590-1.

Device Status: The device status of this virtual drive including Online, Offline, Allocated, or Mount Pending.

Disconnect Time: The disconnect time for this virtual drive. Disconnect time is the time that I/O spends, free from the channel, searching for or requesting data.

I/O Per Second: The number of I/O operations completed per second for this virtual drive.

Managed System: The SMS name of this system.

Pend Time: The total pending for this virtual drive. Pending time is time that I/O is delayed in the path to the device. Pending time can be attributable to the channel or control unit path being busy.

Response Time: The average response time for this virtual drive in milliseconds. The amount of time (in milliseconds) it takes for an I/O request to complete.

Time Stamp: Displays the date and time this data was collected from the VTS.

VTS Name: The name of this virtual tape server.