Persistent data store V2 (PDS V2)

The persistent data store (PDS) is a set of files used for storing and retrieving near-term historical data. The content in this section applies to the new persistent data store, referred to as PDS V2.

Note: PDS V2 replaces PDS V1, and certain behaviors differ significantly from PDS V1. If you have used PDS V1, it is recommended that you review Differences between PDS V1 and PDS V2.

With PDS V2, when collecting historical data, you have the option to manage the data sets by space or by time. With space-based management mode, the amount of historical data in each data set depends on the size of the data set. With time-based management mode, each data set contains data for a single day. The specification of the mode depends on the Extent Constraint Removal (ECR) attribute of the SMS data class used when allocating the data sets. For more information, see Data set management modes.

PDS V2 activation and data set allocation settings (including the use of encryption) are managed through RTE and agent-specific parameters using PARMGEN or Configuration Manager. For more information, see Configuring PDS V2.