Using override embed members

With Monitoring Configuration Manager, you can use override embed members to provide and maintain customization for your runtime environments.

A Monitoring Configuration Manager configuration creates a set of files that get embedded in a number of the most commonly updated runtime members in the user libraries. These override embed members can be used to specify user-defined parameters and values that might otherwise be overwritten by the GENERATE action when maintenance or upgrades are performed, or to override existing values.

The override embed members are stored in the embeds data set. The default name for this data set is rte_plib_hilev.rte_name.EMBEDS, or you can use a customized name. You can use one data set per RTE or you can share a common data set across multiple RTEs.

When using Monitoring Configuration Manager, you can enable the use of override embed members when creating an RTE or for an existing RTE.

The following parameters provide support for using override embed members:
This Monitoring Configuration Manager parameter controls whether override embed members are enabled for the RTE. When set to Y on the initial CREATE or MIGRATE action when creating an RTE, Monitoring Configuration Manager sets up the embeds data set, populates it with supported override embed parameters (if applicable), and defines it to the RTE using the RTE_X_OVERRIDE_EMBEDS_LIB parameter. Valid values are Y and N. The default is N.
This Monitoring Configuration Manager parameter identifies the data set that contains the override embed values for the RTE. Use a valid MVS data set name for the value.
This parameter specifies the name of the source library for override embed members for the RTE and is located in RTEDEF(rte_name). This parameter and value is set up automatically when the initial CREATE or MIGRATE action runs to create an RTE and KFJ_USE_EMBEDS is set to Y. It needs to be added manually if you decide to add override embed support to an existing RTE.


An example of how to specify the override embed parameters is shown below. By default, the override embed support is disabled. However, this example shows that it is enabled and provides the data set name.

//KCIVARS DD *                                                           
ACTION           CREATE  
RTE_NAME         DEMO                                                   
RTE_PLIB_HILEV   TEST1.TST                                              
KFJ_USE_EMBEDS   Y                         * Y|N valid values
KFJ_EMBEDS_LIB   TEST1.TST.DEMO.MYEMBEDS   * override default EMBEDs library
Tip: For more information about override embed members, see PARMGEN topics Override embed members and Customizing the override embed members. The override embed parameters and values are the same regardless if Monitoring Configuration Manager or PARMGEN is used to configure your RTE. Note that customization of the override embed members is also the same except, whereas in PARMGEN it is done from the WCONFIG, in Monitoring Configuration Manager it is done in the embeds data set specified in RTE_X_OVERRIDE_EMBEDS_LIB.