OMEGAMON enhanced 3270 user interface

The OMEGAMON® enhanced 3270 user interface (enhanced 3270UI) is the latest generation of user interfaces for the OMEGAMON monitoring products on z/OS®. Using the enhanced 3270UI in conjunction with OMEGAMON XE monitoring agents and the Tivoli® Enterprise Monitoring Server, you can monitor the performance of the z/OS systems, applications, and devices in your environment and identify and troubleshoot problems with those monitored resources.

Tip: You can access the latest documentation, including a list of new features, using the online help in the product. Navigate to the Help and Workspace Directory as follows:
  • Expand the HELP menu and select H Help Contents.
  • Issue an h.h fast path mnemonic in the upper left portion of your screen.
  • Issue the HELP command from any workspace.