Configuration Manager

IBM Z® Monitoring Configuration Manager, also known as Monitoring Configuration Manager or Configuration Manager, is a tool that configures an OMEGAMON runtime environment from a set of parameters that you specify.

A runtime environment (RTE) consists of the started tasks and related members, including MVS™ data sets and z/OS® UNIX files, that are required to monitor subsystems on a z/OS LPAR. These started tasks and related members are collectively known as runtime members.

To generate the runtime members for a runtime environment, you configure a set of parameters, and then you run a single Monitoring Configuration Manager job. Parameters are name-value pairs stored as plain text. The following figure illustrates this basic concept:

Figure 1. The basic concept: parameters in, one job, runtime members out
Diagram of the basic concept: parameters in, one job, runtime members out.

Generating runtime members from parameters is the main purpose of Monitoring Configuration Manager. This is known as the GENERATE action.

Monitoring Configuration Manager can also perform other actions:

  • The CREATE action creates an initial set of parameters for a runtime environment.
  • The DISCOVER action discovers subsystems on an LPAR, and then creates corresponding parameters to configure a runtime environment to monitor those subsystems.
  • The DELETE action deletes the runtime members for a runtime environment.
Figure 2. Actions
Shows the order in which actions are performed

In addition to the actions shown in the diagram above, the MIGRATE action can be used as needed to import existing legacy PARMGEN RTE configuration settings from a specific WCONFIG member into the new "batch only" Monitoring Configuration Manager dataset. See MIGRATE for more information.