KAYC0062W Mapping class not found for product_code.table_name table_version


OMEGAMON® Data Connect received a record from OMEGAMON Data Broker with a combination of product_code, table_name, and table_version that is not supported by any of the available mapping classes.

The table_version is for use by IBM® Software Support. The table_version is specific to the table; it is not related to the version of the mapping extension JAR file that contains the table schema.

Flood-controlled: To avoid duplicate messages flooding the log, this message is subject to flood control. OMEGAMON Data Connect might suppress duplicate messages within the flood control interval. For details, see the OMEGAMON Data Connect configuration parameters under connect.logging.flood-control.

System action

OMEGAMON Data Connect discards the record and continues processing.

User response

Check that the paths specified by the OMEGAMON Data Connect runtime option -Dodp.ext refer to all of the available mapping extension JAR files. If you cannot resolve the issue, contact IBM Software Support.