KAYC0057W Filter condition for product_code.table_name failed, expression 'expression'


OMEGAMONĀ® Data Connect encountered an error while evaluating the specified filter condition expression. The Spring Expression Language (SpEL) expression caused a runtime exception.

Typical causes include:

Divide-by-zero error
The expression uses an integer field as the denominator in a division operation. In this case, the field value is expected to always be nonzero. If the field value is zero, a divide-by-zero error occurs.
Null field value
A null value can cause an error, depending on where that value occurs in an expression. For details on how SpEL treats null field values, see the Spring documentation.
Misspelled field name
The field will not be found.
Attempting to set the value of a read-only field
For example, mistakenly using a single equal sign (=) to compare for equality instead of the correct two consecutive equal signs (==).
Flood-controlled: To avoid duplicate messages flooding the log, this message is subject to flood control. OMEGAMON Data Connect might suppress duplicate messages within the flood control interval. For details, see the OMEGAMON Data Connect configuration parameters under connect.logging.flood-control.

System action

OMEGAMON Data Connect continues processing as if the expression had successfully returned a false value. The corresponding input record is discarded.

If the OMEGAMON Data Connect configuration parameter disable-table-on-error is true for this filter, then OMEGAMON Data Connect performs the following actions:

  1. Stop processing records that use the expression; disable the table for outputs that use this filter.

    If the expression is in an output-level filter, then OMEGAMON Data Connect disables the table for that output only. If the expression is in a global-level filter, then OMEGAMON Data Connect disables the table for all outputs that use the global-level filter.

  2. Report information message KAYC0056I.

User response

See the details in the KAYC0072I message that follows this message. Consider adjusting the expression in the OMEGAMON Data Connect configuration to avoid triggering the runtime exception.