Reloading OMEGAMON Data Connect configuration

After updating the contents of an OMEGAMON® Data Connect user directory, such as the connect.yaml configuration file or mapping extension JAR files, you need to apply those changes to the instances of OMEGAMON Data Connect that refer to the user directory. To apply the changes, you need to restart (stop and then start) the affected instances of OMEGAMON Data Connect.


Stop and then start each affected instance of OMEGAMON Data Connect.
Method used to run OMEGAMON Data Connect How to stop and then start OMEGAMON Data Connect
z/OS® started task
  1. Enter an MVS™ STOP system command. For example:
  2. Enter an MVS START system command. For example:
Shell script Follow your site-specific practices to stop and then start the shell script.

What to do next

To confirm the configuration changes, check the expected messages from OMEGAMON Data Connect.