Time Zone Data Editor

Time zone information is entered with the Time Zone Data Editor, which is accessed through the Interactive Report Facility (IRF).

About this task

To access the editor, select option 4 (Maintain parameter data sets) from the Performance Expert main menu. The Data Set Maintenance Menu is displayed.

Figure 1. Selecting Maintain Time Zone Information

DGOPMENU                   Data Set Maintenance Menu

Select one of the following.

3  1. Maintain exception thresholds
   2. Maintain correlation translations
   3. Maintain time zone information
   4. Maintain MAINPACK definitions

Exception data set

DPMPARMS data set

Command ===> ______________________________________________________________
 F1=Help    F2=Split   F3=Exit    F9=Swap   F12=Cancel

Type 3 in the input field to select Maintain time zone information, and type the name of your DPMPARMS data set on the line below DPMPARMS data set.

Press Enter to go to the Time Zone Data Editor panel.

Use the editor to enter time zone specifications for the reporting locations. Specify the location, the geographical time zone, and the CPU clock setting of the z/OS® system under which the DB2 subsystem runs.

Figure 2. Time Zone Data Editor panel

 DGOPPLDS                  Time Zone Data Editor                Row 1 to 1 of 1

 Direction (1=East 2=West)
 Action  Location           --   Time Zone  --   --   CPU Clock   --

                            Direction   HH   MM   Direction   HH   MM
 ____    ________________   _           __   __   _           __   __
 ******************************* Bottom of data ********************************

 Command ===> ______________________________________________________________
  F1=Help    F2=Split   F3=Exit    F7=Up      F8=Down    F9=Swap   F12=Cancel

Enter the required information in the input fields. You can modify existing information by typing over it.

Indicates the direction of the location relative to Greenwich:
For locations east of Greenwich
For locations west of Greenwich
The standard ISPF editor line commands. For example:
To generate a new line
To delete a line
To duplicate a line
To move a line
The name of the location. You would usually use the location identifier of the DB2 subsystem. Enter an asterisk (*) to specify the default time zone value. You can specify only one default value.
Time Zone
The difference in hours and minutes between the geographical local time and GMT.
CPU Clock
The difference in hours and minutes between the CPU's Store Clock instruction value of the location and GMT.

You can get information about each entry field by moving the cursor to the field and pressing F1 (Help) to display the help text for the field.