Thread Activity Workspace

The Thread Activity workspace provides a global view of thread activity for a specific DB2 subsystem. A consolidated list of DB2 threads displays on the table view in alphabetical order by plan name. Your table view may sort differently if you have changed the sort field or sort order.

Use the Thread Activity table view to:

  • Identify all active threads
  • Track thread activity for specific threads
  • Analyze thread data when a thread evaluates to true
  • View thread SQL counts 1, 2, or 3
  • Cancel a thread using Take Action command Cancel Thread with Db2 Authority

Monitoring Thread Activity

You can view the Top Ten In-DB2 CPU Time threads from a bar chart as well as from the table view. You can use the thread data to:

  • Monitor critical application threads
  • Evaluate the thread elapsed and wait times for critical threads

Analyzing Specific Threads

You can analyze a specific application thread from the Thread Activity table view by viewing the thread detail.

  1. Right-click a row on the Thread Activity table view.
  2. Click Link to --> Thread Detail.

The Thread Detail workspace displays detailed information about a specific thread including the thread ID, thread activity, triggers, user-defined functions, and stored procedures.

Based on the information that this workspace provides, you can recommend changes, set up situations, and verify that your recommended changes improve system performance.