Tasks List Workspace

The Tasks List workspace provides statistics about the processes at the selected DB2 Connect gateway, such as the CPU and the working set. It enables you to determine if the DB2 Connect gateway is overloaded by DB2 Connect or any other allocation application.

This workspace is comprised of the following views:

DB2 Connect Server - Process Memory Usage (bar chart)
Shows the current working set of a process. The current working set is the number of pages that are currently resident in memory.
DB2 Connect Information (table view)
Shows key information about the selected DB2 Connect gateway.
Tasks List (table view)
Provides details on the processes.
Process CPU % (bar chart)
Shows the percentage of time that a process used the CPU since the last update.

Based on the information that this workspace provides, you can recommend changes, set up situations, and verify that your recommended changes improve system performance.