Data Sharing Thread Activity Workspace

The Data Sharing Thread Activity workspace provides a global view of thread activity for an entire data sharing group. A consolidated list of Db2 threads displays on the table view in alphabetical order by plan name. Your table view may sort differently if you have changed the sort field or sort order.

This workspace provides the following views:

  • Threads Using CP CPU (bar chart)
  • Threads that have Wait Times (bar chart)
  • Data Sharing Threads (table view)

You can use the Data Sharing Threads view to:

  • Identify all active threads
  • Track thread activity for application threads over a period of time
  • Analyze thread data when a thread evaluates to true
  • Cancel a thread using Take Action command Cancel Thread in DSG or Cancel DSG Thread with Db2 Authority

Monitoring thread activity

You can use the Data Sharing Threads view to identify all active application threads and track thread activity over a period of time. You can use the thread data to:

  • Monitor critical application threads
  • Evaluate the thread elapsed and wait times for critical threads
  • Observe thread activity for threads within the same system, group, and member

Analyzing thread statistics

You can analyze a specific application thread on the Data Sharing Threads view and review statistical information.

  1. Right-click a row on the Data Sharing Threads view.
  2. Click Link to > Thread Statistics. The Thread Statistics workspace shows statistical information for your thread.

Investigating excessive thread elapsed time

You can use the Tivoli Enterprise Portal terminal emulator adapter to access an OMEGAMON host session. You can review further information to investigate a thread with excessive elapsed time. You can use the information this workspace provides to recommend changes, set up situations, or verify that your changes improve system performance.