Group Buffer Pool Structures Workspace

You can use the Group Buffer Pool (GBP) Structures workspace to verify that your group buffer pool structures are active and to track structure utilization over a period of time.

Use the structure data on the workspace to:

  • Monitor the read hit percent and buffer invalidate rate for group buffer pool structures
  • Identify the number of DB2 subsystems using a group buffer pool
  • Monitor the ratio of directory entries to data pages allocated

Analyzing Group Buffer Pool Connections

You can analyze a specific group buffer pool structure to view the connection status of all connections to the structure.

  1. Right-click a structure name.
  2. Click Link to --> GBP Connections.

The GBP Connections workspace is displayed showing the connection status details for your group buffer pool structure.

Based on the information that this workspace provides, you can recommend changes, set up situations, and verify that your recommended changes improve system performance.