Creating data for the Performance Database and the Performance Warehouse

To create performance data, you must run the appropriate OMEGAMON for Db2 Performance Expert command with the FILE or SAVE subcommand.

If you use the SAVE subcommand:
  • Without the CONVERT option, you must first convert the VSAM data to the Save-File format.
  • With the CONVERT option, the reduced data is converted and saved into a sequential data set.
You can then use the Db2 LOAD utility to move the data into Db2 Performance Database tables.
Note: The loading of FILE or SAVE data from different reports (e.g STATISTICS and AUDIT) in the same DB2 Load Utility job step is not permitted.

If you have installed the DB2 Performance Warehouse Client together with the corresponding host data collector, the following tasks can be simplified and largely automated for Accounting and Statistics data through the use of client-initiated processes:

  • Creating performance data
  • Loading the data into the Performance Database (Warehouse)
  • Maintaining the database
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