Switching among Db2 subsystems and data sharing group members

It is often necessary to monitor a subsystem that is different from the one you specified when you logged on to the Classic Interface Realtime Monitor. Several panels in the Classic Interface are enabled to switch the subsystem, the member of a data sharing group, or even a data sharing group without the necessity for leaving the Classic interface for a re-logon to a different subsystem.

On panels that are enabled for switching, the top row provides a slightly modified layout, with two fields serving as input fields. The following Thread Activity panel is an example. The two fields of interest are emphasized for the discussion.
________________ ZALLT    VTM     O2       V550.#P DA41 S 11/04/16  8:58:46 2  
> Help PF1      Back PF3       Up PF7      Down PF8     Sort PF10    Zoom PF11  
> T.A                                                                           
>         Thread Activity:  Enter a selection letter on the top line.           
> *-All-Idle    B-TSO      C-CICS      D-IMS     E-Background   F-Dist Allied   
> G-Dist DBAC   H-Util     I-Inact     J-Filter  K-Functions    L-Stored Proc   
> M-Triggers    N-Sysplex  O-Enclaves  P-Worksta Q-All+Idle                     
>                    Threads Summary Excluding Idle Threads                     
+ *                                                                             
+ Elapsed      Planname  CPU    Status       GetPg  Update Commit CORRID/JOBN   
+ ----------   --------  -----  ------------ ------ ------ ------ ------------  
+ 04-18:15     KO2PLAN   00.0%  NOT-IN-DB2        0      0      0 DA41DM52      
+ 04-18:15     KO2PLAN   00.0%  NOT-IN-DB2      354      0      7 DA41DM52      
+ 04-18:14     KO2PLAN   00.0%  NOT-IN-DB2        0      0      0 DA41DM52      
+ 03-15:25     KO2PLAN   00.0%  NOT-IN-DB2        0      0      0 DA41DMBS      
+ 03-15:25     KO2PLAN   00.0%  NOT-IN-DB2        0      0      0 DA41DMBS      
+ 00:01:38.6   KO2PLAN   00.0%  NOT-IN-DB2        0      0      0 DA41DMGS      
+ 00:01:38.5   KO2PLAN   00.0%  NOT-IN-DB2      103      0      7 DA41DMGS      

Meanings and usages of the input fields

The field showing the currently monitored Db2 subsystem (here DA41) allows for switching to a different subsystem by entering a different Db2 subsystem name.

The accompanying indicator shows S for a single Db2 subsystem or a member of a data sharing group, or G for a data sharing group.

Invalid Db2 subsystem or data sharing group names cause an error message.

The 3270 Tab key can be used to navigate the cursor from the command area to the Db2 subsystem field.

If a panel is not enabled for switching, both fields serve as display fields. No input is possible.