Updating the runtime environment with PARMGEN

Complete this task if you are using PARMGEN to update your runtime environment.

About this task

After your SMP/E installation or update is completed, you must make changes to support Db2 Version 13 in your runtime environment. We also recommend switching to Configuration Manager from PARMGEN to benefit from configuration enhancements in 5.5.0.

For more details on updating your runtime environment with PARMGEN, see 'SMP/E maintenance and upgrade scenarios' in the OMEGAMON shared documentation.


  1. Add GBL_DSN_DB2_LOADLIB_V13 and GBL_DSN_DB2_RUNLIB_V13 to the list of Db2 system libraries, as shown below. For Db2 Version 13, you must provide corresponding load and run libraries for the version-specific libraries. $GBL$USR is not updated during migration and you'll need to add the corresponding parameters manually.









  2. Recreate the BIND jobs:
    1. Copy the BIND sample jobs FPEVOMBD and FPEVOMBP from the &shilev.TKO2SAMP library to the &rhilev.RKD2PRF library of the RTE.
    2. Rename the sample job FPEVOMBD to OMBDDBID, and rename the sample job FPEVOMBP to OMBPDBID.
    3. Submit the &rhilev.RKD2PRF(CRTDB2M) job to recreate all configured Db2 subsystem-related runtime members.
      A BIND job for each configured Db2 subsystem is created.
    4. For each Db2 subsystem you want to monitor, submit the BIND jobs OMBP<ssid> and OMBD<ssid> where <ssid> is the Db2 subsystem ID. If you use EXPLAIN, submit the BIND jobs EXBP<ssid> and EXBD<ssid> for each Db2 subsystem you use EXPLAIN.
  3. Repeat the steps above for each runtime environment.