Converting Performance Warehouse table spaces for Db2 12 FL504 compatibility

Follow these steps to convert Performance Warehouse table spaces for Db2 12 FL504 compatibility.

About this task

If you use Db2 V12 subsystems activated at FL504 or later and make use of any of the following:

  • Performance Warehouse (PWH)

  • Db2 connect monitoring

  • IBM Db2 SQL Performance Analyzer (SQLPA)

You must apply APAR PH08213, you must complete the following steps for each Db2 subsystem for which PWH is configured:


  1. Optional: If you have an existing Db2PM database in Db2 that uses PWH, and tables in ACCS and STAT that contain data you want to preserve.

    If you do not have an existing Db2PM database, proceed to step 2.

    Before restarting the OMPE server task:

    1. Run the unload utility to save data from the DB2PM database tables.
    2. Drop the DB2PM database.
  2. Restart the OMPE server task to activate APAR PH08213.

    This creates the new PWH Db2 objects in the DB2PM database.

  3. Optional: If you unloaded data from an existing DB2PM database that uses PWH (step 1), then run the load utility to reload the data to the newly created tables.

    The new tables might now reside in a different table space.