Displaying the access path while viewing Statistics on SQL statements

This topic shows how to display the access path while viewing Statistics on SQL statements stored in the dynamic SQL statement cache.

To display the access path:

  1. Open the Statistics Details window.
  2. In the folders pane, click SQL Statements.

    The SQL Statements pane is displayed without any entries.

  3. To display the SQL statements that are in the cache:
    1. Click the Filter (Filter toolbar button) toolbar button to check the filter values and set the appropriate values for your system. For more information about defining filter criteria, see step 5.
    2. Select the Receive statement cache information check box.

      The list is refreshed whenever you click View > Refresh or when an automatic refresh occurs.

  4. Double-click a statement.

    The SQL Statements text page opens, where text stands for the first couple of characters of the statement text.

  5. Under SQL statement, click Explain.
  6. If the statement contains a SELECT, UPDATE, INSERT, DELETE, or VALUES clause, the following window opens depending on the Explain products installed:
    • If Query Workload Tuner is installed and launched, a new Project is defined and the Statement text is shown. Use the corresponding function of Query Workload Tuner to generate the Access Plan.