Utility Access Detail (Type UTILITY)

This topic shows a sample and the field description of the Utility Access Detail (Type UTILITY).

When you select UTILITY, the data is retrieved from IFCID 024, and the following fields are printed:
NAME    : LOAD                      ID   : DSNTEX
DATABASE: DBASE1                    PHASE: RELOAD
PAGESET : PSET1                     TYPE : RECORD

Field description

Here is a description of the field labels shown in the previous example:

The name of the utility.
The DB2® user's identification of the utility.
Either the name or the decimal DBID of the database that contains the auditable DB2 object.

For the report entry describing the start of a utility (IFCID 023), N/P is printed. To determine the real value, find the corresponding entry describing the utility object or phase change (IFCID 024), or the entry describing the utility end information.

The utility phase identification.
Either the name or the decimal PSID of the page set that contains the auditable DB2 object. If neither field is present, N/A is printed.
The type of utility access. For the utility phase UTILINIT and UTILTERM, N/A is printed.