Understanding the schedule string

When you specify a schedule for a process, the specifications you make in the Schedule Process window are reflected as a string in the Schedule of process field of the Process Properties window and in the At scheduled time field of the Process Schedule Properties window. This string can look as follows: 2007/1/16/*/16/58

A string consists of the following parts, in this sequence: year/month/day/day-of-the-week/hour/minute. A 0 for the day of the week stands for Saturday. An asterisk (*) represents all allowed values for a field.

Important: When you define a schedule in the Schedule Process window, you can specify the dates and weekdays when you want to run a process. However, you cannot specify that a process should run at a certain date only if this date is a specific day of the week.

For example, if you type 1 under Days and 5 under Months and select the Monday check box under Day of week, the process will run on May 1st and on every Monday. In this example, the string would look similar to this one: */5/1/2/*/*