Logging on to several DB2 subsystems

You log on to several DB2® subsystems at once by logging on to the OMEGAMON® Collectors that collect the performance data for these DB2 subsystems and that are accessible with the same password.

To log on to several DB2 subsystems at once:
  1. In the System Overview window, click Monitor > Multiple Logon.

    The Multiple Logon window is displayed.

  2. Select the DB2 subsystems to which you want to log on. You can access the OMEGAMON Collector of these DB2 subsystems with the same password. You can also select the monitoring functions that you want to start.
  3. Click OK. The Logon window is displayed.
  4. Fill in the fields as described under Logging on to one DB2 subsystem or Db2 Connect gateway and click OK.

The Log window is opened telling you whether your logon requests were successful. If you selected one or more monitoring functions, the appropriate windows are also opened.