Spacename Activity

This panel shows activity information about data sets that have incurred Getpage and I/O activity during the current collection interval. This panel formats Getpage and I/O activity for a single spacename.

________________ ZOJO2    VTM     O2       V550.#P SE12 11/06/13 10:21:29   2  
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>                              SPACENAME ACTIVITY                               
+ Interval Time   = 00:05:00                       Interval Elapsed = 00:01:45  
+ Total Getpage   =       66                       Total I/O        =        3  
+ Database = DSNDB01         Spacename = DSNLLX01                               
+ *                                                                             
+       % of     % of   Getp                 Sync      Pre       Async    Other 
+ DSN   Getp     I/O    per RIO    Getpage   Read      Fetch     Write    Write 
+ ---   ------   ------ ---------  -------   -------   -------   -------  ----- 
+ 001   100.0%   100.0%        22       66         3         0         0      0 

If you move the cursor to any entry in a column and press F10, OMEGAMONĀ® for Db2 PE will sort on that column.


For additional information about
  • related topics, select one of the options on the top of the panel.
  • other topics, use the PF keys.


Interval Time
The collection interval currently in use by the object analysis collector. At the end of this time interval, the collector resets its collection statistics.
Interval Elapsed
The elapsed time within the current collection interval. It is the period of time for which the displayed information is applicable.
Total Getpage
The total number of Getpage requests since the beginning of the collection interval.
Total I/O
The total number of I/O requests since the beginning of the collection interval.
The name of the database that owns the spacename (and data sets) in the display.
The name of the space that contains the data sets in the display.
The sequence number of a data set that incurred I/O activity.
% of Getp
The percentage of total Getpage activity that is applicable to the spacename.
% of I/O
The percentage of total I/O activity that is applicable to the spacename.
Getp per RIO
The Getpage to Read I/O ratio for the spacename. This ratio is computed by dividing Getpage by Sync Read + Pre Fetch.
The number of Getpage requests for the spacename.
Sync Read
The number of synchronous reads for the spacename.
Pre Fetch
The number of prefetch Read I/Os for the spacename.
Async Write
The number of asynchronous writes for the spacename.
Other Write
The number of immediate and format writes for the spacename.