Viewing Db2 Connect Server gateways

Use the Db2 Connect Server panel (KDPCONN) to view key information about active and inactive Db2 Connect gateways.


  1. Select the Db2 tab on the OMEGAMON Products panel to show the All Active Db2 Subsystems workspace.
  2. Type a / in the line command field next to the Db2 subsystem of interest and press Enter.
  3. In the option menu, select option 7 (J Db2 Connect Server) and press Enter.
    The Db2 Connect Server panel (KDPCONN) shows the following tabs:
    K. Package statistics (KDPCPKG)
    View information about the size of the data exchanged between the Db2 Connect gateway and the host database and about the network time required. Measure the throughput between the host database and the Db2 Connect gateway and view database activity and network traffic at the application level.
    P. Performance (KDPCPERF)
    View information obtained by running a sample SQL statement between the Db2 Connect gateway and the host database and detect bottlenecks.
    S. Gateway statistics (KDPCONNS)
    View statistics about the selected Db2 Connect gateway including details about the number of agents and pooled agents, the connections that are waiting for the host to reply, and the connections that are waiting for the client to send a request.
    T. Task list (KDPCTASK)
    View statistics about the processes at the selected Db2 Connect gateway, for example, the CPU and the working set. Determine whether the DB2 Connect gateway is overloaded by Db2 Connect or other allocation applications.
    H. History
    View near-term history and investigate problems that occurred in the recent past.