Viewing CICS threads

Use the CICS Threads panel (KDPCICTH) and related tabs to view Db2 thread activity that originate from connected CICS regions including s key performance data such as CPU rate, in-Db2 time, wait time, Db2 status, getpage, commits and updates.


  1. Select the Db2 tab on the OMEGAMON Products panel to show the All Active Db2 Subsystems workspace.
  2. Type / in the line command field next to the Db2 subsystem of interest and press Enter.
  3. In the option menu, select option 2 (C CICS Threads) and press Enter.
    The Db2 CICS Threads panel (KDPCICTH) shows the following tabs:
    CICS Threads (KDPCICTH)
    View information about CICS® Threads.
    CICS Connections (KDPCICS3)
    View an overview of Db2 thread activity that is originating from connected CICS subsystems.
    Db2 Active Threads (KDPTHD52)
    View thread activity for a specific Db2 subsystem and provides key performance data such as CPU rate, in-Db2 time, wait time, Db2 status, getpage, commits and updates. For more information, see Viewing active threads.
  4. To perform actions for Db2 active threads, on the CICS Threads tab, type a / in the line command field next to the plan of interest and press Enter.
    These options are available:
    C Cancel Thread (KDPTCANC)
    Cancel a thread.
    A Thread Detail Accelerator (KDPTHRDC)
    View accelerator metrics for an active thread.
    D Thread Detail Distributed (KDPTHDD2)
    View the VTAM APPC conversations and TCP/IP conversations of a distributed (DDF) thread.
    E Thread Detail Enclave (KDPTHDE2)
    View workload manager (WLM) enclave service periods.
    L Thread Detail Locks Owned (KDPTHRDL)
    View locks and the claims that are owned by an individual thread.
    N Thread Detail Long Names (KDPTHRDN)
    View the long names (identification fields) associated with a specific thread.
    Q Thread Detail SQL Counts (KDPTSQL1)
    View SQL counts for the Data Manipulation Language (DML) for a thread.
    S Thread Detail Accounting (KDPTHDA2)
    View accounting classes 1 and 2 for a selected thread. The following options are available:
    CICS Region Summary (KCPRGNS)
    Shows a summary of the CICS Region and provides the following options:
    ! Take Actions on Task (KDPTASAP)
    Take action on a task.
    D CICS DB2 Connection Summary (KCPD2S or KCPD2P)
    View information about CICS Db2 connections.
    B CICS Bottlenecks (KDPBOTS)
    View information about CICS bottlenecks.
    F CICS File/Data Resources (CICS File/Data menu)
    View information about CICS files and data resources.
    R CICS Resources (CICS Resources option menu)
    View information about CICS resources.
    S CICS Region Overview (KCPRGNO)
    View information about CICS regions.
    T CICS Task Summary (KDPTASS)
    View information about CICS tasks.
    Transaction Details (KCPTRND)
    View a information about CICS transactions.
    Program Details (KDPPRGD)
    View information about CICS programs.
    Details for Transaction Task (KCPTASD)
    View information about CICS transaction tasks.
    T Thread Detail SQL Text (KDPTSQLT)
    View the SQL statement a Db2 thread is currently executing.
    U Thread CICS Connection (KDPTHCIC)
    Display CICS connection information for a CICS thread.
    Run EXPLAIN for a Db2 thread.
    W Thread Detail Class 3 (KDPTHRD3)
    View accounting class 3 wait times for a selected thread.
    X Multi-thread Cancel No Confirm
    Cancel multiple threads without being prompted individually to confirm each thread cancellation.