Defining additional security

The Performance Expert Agent for Db2 Connect Monitoring communicates with the OMEGAMON Server by means of Db2 tables that are created by the Performance Warehouse. You can grant required Db2 privileges to the z/OS user ID that the Performance Expert Agent will use to access these tables.

Before you begin

Ensure the following requirements are met:

Required authorizations
  • DBADM or higher on each Performance Warehouse database that is updated by the Performance Expert Agent
  • If necessary, privileges to create a new user ID in your security system (for example, RACF)
Other requirements
Snapshot History for Db2 Connect Monitoring is enabled. This is the case if at least one of following collections are enabled for Snapshot History:
  • DB2 Connect Application
  • DB2 Connect System

The OMEGAMON Server must have been started at least once with Performance Warehouse enabled for the Db2 subsystem that hosts the Db2 Connect Monitoring. This is because the Performance Warehouse creates the tables that are used internally for the communication between the Performance Expert Agent and the OMEGAMON Server.


  1. Verify that the z/OS user ID that is used by the Performance Expert Agent to collect the DB2 Connect Monitoring data is available in the z/OS security system. Otherwise create the z/OS user IDs.
  2. Edit member rHilev.rte_name.RKD2SAM to grant Db2 privileges to the Performance Expert Agent user: PWGAdb2ssid.
    Replace each occurrence of %aguser% with the user ID of the Performance Expert Agent. This user ID is specified during the Performance Expert Agent configuration.
    • %aguser% may also be customized using parameter KD2_OMPE_GRANT_*
    • Instead of assigning the privileges to each Performance Expert Agent user ID, you can also connect all Performance Expert Agent user IDs to a group ID and grant the privileges to this group ID.
  3. Submit the edited member.