Creating the Db2 EXPLAIN database

Db2 EXPLAIN uses views on Db2 catalog tables and on its own application tables. To set up your Db2 EXPLAIN database, you must created these tables and views and grant privileges for each Db2 subsystem that you want to use Db2 EXPLAIN for. You can find all listed members in the library rHilev.rte_name.RKD2SAM.

Before you begin

Ensure the following requirements are met before completing this step.

Required authorizations
  • SYSADMIN authorization for the Db2 subsystems with Db2 EXPLAIN enabled
  • If necessary, privileges to create a new user ID in your security system (for example, RACF)
Other requirements
  • Db2 EXPLAIN is activated


  1. Grant Db2 privileges to the RACF user ID/group ID that you entered as the owner of the EXPLAIN objects. Run the following members: EXGRdb2ssid
  2. Create EXPLAIN tables by running the following members: EXCTdb2ssid
  3. If EXPLAIN was already installed in a previous version, drop the EXPLAIN views. Run the following members: EXDVdb2ssid
  4. Create EXPLAIN views by running member: EXCVdb2ssid
  5. Create EXPLAIN QMF views by running the following members (in the case where QMF is not installed, dummy tables are created): EXCQdb2ssid
  6. Bind EXPLAIN Db2 plan KO2EXPL by running the following members: EXBPdb2ssid
  7. Bind EXPLAIN Db2 packages by running the following members: EXBDdb2ssid
    Package versioning allows you to run and rollout multiple package versions in a data-sharing environment where OMEGAMON for DB2® Performance Expert runtime load libraries are not shared between LPARs. To use package versioning, remove the FREE PACKAGE subcommand from the JCL as described in the job header and then submit the job.
  8. Verify that each z/OS user ID that you want to allow the usage of EXPLAIN is available in your z/OS security system. Otherwise create the z/OS user IDs.
  9. Open the following members to grant Db2 privileges to EXPLAIN user ID: EXGPdb2ssid
    Replace each occurrence of %exuser% with the user ID that you want to allow the usage of EXPLAIN. Submit the edited member.
    %exuser% may also be customized in Db2 LPAR RTE profile parameter KD2_OMPE_GRANT_*