Deleting a DB2 system

If you do not want to monitor a DB2® subsystem or Db2 Connect gateway from Performance Expert Client anymore, you can delete it.

To delete a DB2 system:
  1. If you are still logged on to the OMEGAMON® Collector that collects the performance data of the DB2 system that you want to delete, you must log off. See Logging off from DB2 systems for more information.
  2. In the System Overview window, click the DB2 system that you want to delete and then click Selected > Delete.

    A message appears asking you whether you also want to delete the DB2 catalog entries for this DB2 system. If you decide to leave the catalog entries and a Performance Warehouse system is associated with this DB2 system, you can continue working with this Performance Warehouse.

  3. Make your selection, then click Yes.

The DB2 system and all its shortcuts are removed from the folders pane of the System Overview window.