Creating Db2 profiles

DB2® profiles are configured along all other configuration parameters in Configuration Manager RTEDEF data set members KD5* or the PARMGEN user profile. They are identified by KD2_PFxx where xx is the number that distinguishes different Db2 profiles.

For example, KD2_PF01 refers to the first Db2 profile and KD2_PF02 refers to the second Db2 profile. You can create up to 99 Db2 profiles.

The section that holds Db2 profiles is structured as follows:
KD2_PF                    BEGIN

KD2_PFxx_ROW              xx
KD2_PFxx_PROFID           P0xx
KD2_PFxx_DESCRIPTION      “P0xx prof”

KD2_PFyy_ROW              yy
KD2_PFyy_PROFID           P0yy
KD2_PFyy_DESCRIPTION      “P0yy prof”

KD2_PF                    END
where xx and yy are the numbers of those two DB2 profiles. The parameter KD2_PFxx_PROFID contains the ID that is used to assign a DB2 subsystem configuration with a DB2 profile. You can chose your ID as you like but it is recommended to include the number that identifies the DB2 profile in the ID in order to easily identify the relationship between DB2 subsystems and DB2 profiles.
In order to assign a DB2 profile to a DB2 subsystem configuration, use the parameter KD2_DBzz_DB2_PROFID. For example, to assign the DB2 profile P0xx to a DB2 subsystem configuration set, use the following parameter:
KD2_DBzz_DB2_PROFID       P0xx