Step 1: Selecting a pattern file

About this task

When you have opened a bpd file, as described in Selecting and opening a buffer pool data file, the first page of the object placement wizard is displayed:
Figure 1. Object Placement – The Pattern File Selection window
This figure is a graphical representation of the Pattern File Selection window from an object placement.
This page shows a list of pattern files, the available memory for buffer pools, and data about the DB2® subsystem from which data was collected.
  • A pattern file contains a list of rules that determine which objects (table spaces and index spaces) should be placed in which buffer pool according to each object's characteristics.

    Initially, Buffer Pool Analyzer recommends one of four pattern files based on the total buffer pool size that is determined from the content of the bpd file. The rules in each pattern file are predefined. They do not vary with the content of a bpd file.

    If you edit a pattern file and save it under a user-defined name, as described in Step 2: Editing a pattern file, Buffer Pool Analyzer recommends this user-defined pattern file whenever a bpd file from the same Db2 subsystem is processed by the object placement wizard.

  • The Total virtual pool size (in MB) value is determined from the content of the bpd file and reflect the values at the time the data was collected from the Db2 subsystem.
  • Db2 subsystem and the data collection is also determined from the content of the bpd file.

You can use this page to select a different pattern file and to adjust the available memory for buffer pools. In Step 4: Setting the initial buffer pool sizes and characteristics, Buffer Pool Analyzer recommends a distribution of the available memory across the individual buffer pools. You can also accept the recommendations (the pattern file and the virtual pool) and proceed with the next step.

  1. Under Pattern file selection, select Recommended or User-defined. Then click the pattern file that you want to use.
  2. Under Buffer pool data file information, enter the value for Total virtual pool size (in MB) that you want the object placement wizard to use for the calculation of the initial buffer pool sizes.
  3. Click Next and continue with Step 2: Editing a pattern file.