Starting the optimization function

About this task

To start the optimization function, perform the following steps:


  1. Start the IBM® DB2® Buffer Pool Analyzer by double-clicking the icon on your Windows desktop, or use the Start push button on the taskbar to start this client application.

    If you are using Db2 Performance Expert, click Tools > Buffer Pool Analysis for z/OS on the menu bar, or click the Opens the Buffer Pool Analysis for z/OS window toolbar button.

    The Db2 Buffer Pool Analyzer - z/OS® main window is displayed.

  2. On the menu bar, click File > Start Object Placement. Alternatively, click the Starts object placement toolbar button.

    The Open dialog box is displayed. You use this dialog box to select and open a bpd file that contains the buffer pool activity data you want to use for the optimization.

    Several sample buffer pool data files (*.bpd) are delivered with Buffer Pool Analyzer in the …\samples\reporting folder. You can use them to become familiar with this function.

  3. Continue with Selecting and opening a buffer pool data file.