The Audit Detail Report and the Audit Trace

Both the audit detail report and the audit trace show a detailed listing of all occurrences of the different audit types. The layout of the Audit report and trace is similar. The audit trace is sorted by timestamp, the audit detail report is sorted first by identifier, then by timestamp. Any combination of event types can be specified.

Use the following command to generate an audit detail report.


Use the following command to generate an audit trace.


Short, Unique, or Long Names or Strings

The following types of names or strings are used in this information:
Short name or string
A short name or short string is either the value of an original DB2® field if it less than or equal to the defined length of the field, or it is the abbreviation of a longer value which is populated in a field of varying length.
Unique name or string
A unique name or unique string is a generated string based on the short string and its length, with a right-adjusted #-sign and a sequence number. This sequence number depends on the amount of long fields found during processing, which have the same string prefix and length as the short string. For example:
WSNAME: IS-255-012345678#1
Long name or string
A long name or long string is the complete string populated in a field of varying length. This depends on the context where it is used.