Db2 Connect/Gateway Performance

This panel shows performance information about a selected Db2 Connect gateway.

 ________________ ZDBCP    VTM     O2       V550./C SZ91 07/31/13 17:07:40   2 
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> DB2 Connect/Gateway: Enter a selection letter on the top line.               
> A-DB2 Connect/Gateway Statistics  B-Tasks List   *-Performance               
> D-Package Statistics                                                         
>                      DB2 Connect/Gateway Performance                         
+ Name: IBM-590C1A11DE1 IP Addr:      Srv Inst Name:DB2             
+ Gateway Snapshot Time:2013-07-31-                             
+ Times for Sample SQL Statement                                               
+ --------------------------------------------                                 
+ Total Statement Time        =00:00:00.197515                                 
+ Time in DB2 Connect         =00:00:00.000326                                 
+ Time on DB2 Host            =00:00:00.001858                                 
+ Time in Network Connection  =00:00:00.195331                                 


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Shows the name in the database manager configuration file at the client node. It identifies the client node that is running the application.
IP Addr
Shows the current IP address.
Srv Inst Name
Shows the name of the database manager instance for which the snapshot was taken.
Gateway Snapshot Time
Shows the date and time when the snapshot of displayed data was taken.

Total Statement Time
For a DCS statement, this field shows the elapsed time between the time the statement was sent from the Db2 Connect gateway to the host for processing and the time at which the result was received from the host.
Time in Db2 Connect
For a DCS statement, this field shows the elapsed time for processing an SQL request at a host database server.
Time on Db2 Host
Shows the total time, in seconds and microseconds, that was spent executing a particular statement in the SQL cache.
Time in Network Connection
Shows the total time, in seconds and microseconds, at the Db2 Connect gateway to process an application request (since the connection was established), or to process a single statement.