Using passwords for authorized commands

Each security level can have its own password.

About this task

The level 3 password accesses all levels. The level 2 password accesses levels 2, 1, and 0. The level 1 password accesses only levels 1 and 0. Level 0 commands execute without a password.

If you enter a command that requires higher authority than yours, the following message is displayed:

OB0921 Security check failed (Internal)

To get access to the authorized commands, use the /PWD command in the following way:


  1. Enter /PWD on the INFO-line.

    The Classic Interface shows the password prompt.

    _                       <=== Please enter password
  2. Enter your password on the INFO-line.

    The password does not display as you type it.

    The message PASSWORD ACCEPTED is displayed.

  3. Press Enter again to get access to all authorized commands that are associated with that password and to lower command levels.

What to do next

To reset the security level to 0 after you complete the authorized functions, do one of the following:
  • Press the PA1 or the ATTN key.
  • Enter /PWD on the INFO-line and press Enter twice without entering a password.
    The Classic Interface shows:
    _________________ Password level reset

Access to the authorized commands is restricted until you enter the password again.

If you use the Classic Interface with an external security package, you can prevent the use of the /PWD command.