Authorized commands and their authorization level

The Classic Interface includes specific authorized commands for which you can use internal security. Authorized commands have a security level of 3.

All Classic Interface commands (major, minor, immediate, and INFO-line) have a security level of 0, 1, 2, or 3. Level 3 provides the highest degree of protection. A setting of 0 means that any user can access the command.

All commands have a default security level of 0 except for authorized commands. By default, authorized commands have a security level of 3.

You must run the security update to prevent that specific commands that can potentially damage your system are available to all users.

The KO2SUPDI member in &rhilev.&rte.RKD2SAM contains instructions and the control statements for updating the authorization level of authorized commands as needed.

The following commands are the authorized commands for this product:

CONS     DCMD     DCNS     .DSA     MCHN     MLST     MSCN
MZAP     OCMD     OSPC     PEEK     SCHN     SLST     SSCN
SZAP     TCMD     XMCH     XMLS     XMSC     XMZP

These commands are described in Monitoring Performance from the OMEGAMONĀ® Classic Interface.

Important: The PEEK major command has the minor commands AMAP, DDNS, JOBS, MODS, STEP, SUBP, and TCBS. These minor commands also have default security level of 3.

Note that the authorized commands require an internal password for execution.