Scenario One

In scenario one, the Performance Expert Agent for Db2 Connect Monitoring reports all client requests that come through the Db2 Connect gateway to one Db2 subsystem. Use scenario one if you plan to use the Performance Expert Client for monitoring and want to monitor the Db2 Connect data for all Db2 subsystems from only the Db2 Connect gateway perspective, or if you need the detailed data for only one Db2 subsystem.

If the following conditions are met, the Performance Expert Agent for Db2 Connect Monitoring reports all requests issued to the Db2 Connect gateway to only one Db2 subsystem:

In this scenario, the data you can access in the user interface is limited. If you are using Performance Expert Client, for example, and you select the Db2 subsystem you configured Db2 Connect Monitoring for, you can retrieve all information that you gathered on the Db2 Connect gateway for this Db2 subsystem. However, if you select another Db2 subsystem in Performance Expert Client, you will not see Db2 Connect data because the data is stored in the Performance Warehouse database for the one Db2 subsystem enabled for monitoring. The OMEGAMON Collector does not check this Performance Warehouse database when another Db2 subsystem is selected.

To view requests from all Db2 subsystems, do not select a specific Db2 subsystem in the Performance Expert Client and instead choose the Db2 Connect gateway. This view is available in only the Performance Expert Client, not in TivoliĀ® Enterprise Portal or Classic Interface.