Accounting record generation

About how and when Accounting data is collected and recorded.

The collection of Accounting data begins when a thread connects to Db2. A completed Accounting record is written when:
  • The thread terminates
  • The authorization identifier changes because the thread is reused
  • A DBAT becomes inactive
  • A parallel task completes when query CP or Sysplex query parallelism is exploited
  • NEW USER is reported when Db2 Accounting records are reported in the IMS thread and CICS® thread reuse situations where a new AUTHID is used.
  • If TOKENE=YES on the TYPE=ENTRY statement in the RCT table is specified, the CICS attachment facility requests an Accounting record to be produced during thread reuse even if the user authorization ID does not change. A CICS LU6.2 token is also passed to Db2 allowing correlating CICS and Db2 trace records.
  • For thread reuse, all values are accumulated since the last Accounting record.
  • When a CICS application program causes more than one SYNC point commit or rollback, Db2 can produce several out-of-sequence Accounting records for the application if CICS attach thread swapping occurs.
  • If a thread is reused with the same user authorization ID and TOKENE has not been specified, the Db2 Accounting record represents several CICS transactions.