Working with exception processing

Exception processing is an efficient way to monitor DB2® subsystems for performance problems. When exception processing is active, you are informed when certain events occur, or when specific counters reach levels that might produce problems.

Exceptions are recorded by the OMEGAMON® Collector. To run exception processing, it must be set up during the customization of the OMEGAMON Collector.

For more information about setting up exception processing, refer to Configuration and Customization.

Exception processing is started when the OMEGAMON Collector is started. It continues until you stop it, the OMEGAMON Collector or Db2 is stopped, or you log off from the Db2 subsystem that you are monitoring. When you leave Performance Expert Client you can request that the collection of exception processing data is continued.

OMEGAMON for Db2 Performance Expert supports:

  • Event exception processing: This monitors a Db2 subsystem for the occurrence of particular events.
  • Periodic exception processing: This periodically monitors thread-activity and Statistics fields for exception conditions.
  • Ability to launch an IBM Db2zAI System Assessment from periodic and event exception detail displays for improved Root Cause Analysis.
    Note: Db2zAI integration is valid only for Db2 13 and Db2 12 subsystems.

This section explains how to start and stop exception processing, to view the exceptions that occurred, and to use the exception user exit.