Monitoring data sharing groups

If you are working with a member of a data sharing group, you might want to view, from time to time, the monitoring information collected for another member in the data sharing group. Or you might want to compare the data collected for all members in the group. Most of the monitoring functions allow you to switch among the individual members and between a member and the group. You find a Show Data for list in the toolbar.

From this list, you can select another member or the group. Depending on your selection, the window shows the data for the selected member or the group. If a member is not active, the member name in the list is followed by QUIESCED or FAILED. This depends on why the member became inactive.

Sometimes, while you are working with a member, another member is added to the group, a member is deleted, or the status of a member is changed. To refresh the displayed list, click View > Refresh Data Sharing Group Information.

To get monitoring information from all members of a data sharing group, ensure that the monitor traces are started on all members.

For information about how to ensure this, refer to the description of the DATASHARINGGROUP and DB2COMMAND startup parameters in Configuration and Customization.

This section describes the windows displayed when you monitor the thread of a data sharing group and view Statistics information about it.