Exporting snapshot data for saving and printing

You can export snapshot data to HTML format. You can then print the data or save it as an HTML file.

To export snapshot data:
  1. Do one of the following in the window containing the snapshot data:
    • Click the Print/Export (Print/Export toolbar button) toolbar button.
    • Click the leftmost menu and then click Print/Export.

      The Print/Export window is displayed.

  2. You can change the settings in this window as follows:
    • If the window consists of several pages and you want to export them all, click All under Pages.
    • If the window contains a large table, you can:
      • Specify how many columns and rows you want to export.

        Example: To export only the first five columns, select Only first for Columns and then specify 5 in the field.

      • Specify after which column the table is split. Select the Split after check box and then select the column number.
  3. Click OK.

    A Web browser window is displayed showing the window contents in HTML format. You can use your Web browser to save or print the contents of the window.

If your window contains a table with many columns and you specified to split the table after a specific number of columns, for example three, your HTML file looks similar to the example shown in Figure 1.
Figure 1. Example of a split wide table
Example of a split wide table

To make the table easier to read, the rows are numbered in the Number column.