Using an Accounting report to analyze resource activities

The Accounting report shows how threads and applications perform in Db2.

The Accounting report set consists of a report and a trace report. The Accounting report accumulates and groups Accounting records by OMEGAMON for Db2 Performance Expert identifiers, such as primary authorization or plan name. The Accounting trace report reports single threads. A trace report can be very long because it shows a single record for each active thread in the system.

A good first indicator for applications is the time used per thread by any particular user. A strategy to improving application performance is to identify the users with the most system time consumption and examine their most frequently used applications:

  • Create a Db2 trace for input to a report
  • Create a short Accounting report that identifies the users with the highest system time consumption.
  • Interpret the report and identify users and plans that need attention
  • Create an Accounting trace report for each problem user and plan
  • Interpret the trace report and find remedial actions
  • Apply rules of thumb in the Performance Warehouse