Reporting data sharing information

Data sharing gives individual Db2 subsystems full access to databases that are on shared hard disk drives. The DB2 subsystems that share the data belong to a data sharing group and each subsystem is considered a member of the group.

In a data sharing environment, you can monitor the performance of entire data sharing groups and individual members of a group. You can do this by generating reports or traces that combine performance information of all members, called group-scope reports, or by generating ordinary reports of individual members.

Group-scope reports are available in the Accounting, Locking, Audit, and Statistics report sets.

All report sets provide information about the performance of individual group members. In the report sets where group-scope reports are available, reports for individual members are called member-scope reports.

As with all aspects of performance, data sharing is best monitored by using exception processing. You can select exception thresholds for data-sharing-specific fields, and you can specify that the threshold is only checked for a certain group or member.