Record Trace reports

Record Trace reports show IFCID information as presented by DB2.

This IFCID information is used to produce other OMEGAMON for DB2 PE reports. The difference is that for other reports, this information can be interpreted, manipulated, or not included.

  • A summary Record Trace report lists all selected records, together with a description, but without any record data. You can use this listing to determine what events occurred during the Db2 trace.
  • A short Record Trace report presents nonserviceability data from selected records that appear on other OMEGAMON for DB2 PE reports. Some large IFCIDs (for example, system statistics) are presented similar to summary Record traces, without record data.
  • A long Record Trace report presents serviceability and nonserviceability data from selected records.
  • A dump Record Trace report presents selected records in the standard hexadecimal dump format. You can use the dump Record Trace report to view data that might contain unprintable characters.