Exception processing

Exception reporting identifies Accounting and Statistics records that contain fields with values that are outside a specified range. This helps you to recognize performance problems in the Db2 subsystem and in threads.

You define exception thresholds for specific Accounting and Statistics fields in the Exception Threshold data set. If exception processing is active, the Db2 instrumentation data is checked against the threshold values in the Exception Threshold data set. Only records with at least one field value outside the thresholds are reported.

You can set the thresholds in the Exception Threshold data set by using exception profiling or with the help of the example Exception Threshold data set that is delivered with OMEGAMONĀ® for DB2 PE. Exception profiling can also be used to produce a report with details of the distribution and expected number of exceptions for each field.

Exception reports and traces are available in the Accounting report set and the Statistics report set. Each of these relates separately to Accounting or Statistics data.

In addition, the exception log lists both Accounting and Statistics exception records in the same report, in timestamp order. The contents of the Exception Log File data set are similar to the exception log. The Exception Log File data set can be used by the DB2 load utility.