Saving the layout

These steps describe how to save the modified layout after you have completed the changes to your layout.

  1. Use F3 (Exit) as required to return to the UTR Block Selection panel.
  2. If you do not want to save the layout, press F12 (Cancel) to leave the UTR Block Selection panel.
  3. To save the layout, press F3 (Exit).
    The UTR Save Layout Details panel is displayed.
    Figure 1. User-Tailored Reporting - saving the layout
    │ DGOBPSAV                 UTR Save Layout Details                            │
    │                                                                             │
    │ Report set  . . . . . : Accounting Report                                   │
    │                                                                             │
    │ Provide the Layout Details and press Enter to save the layout               │
    │   or                                                                        │
    │ Cancel to make further changes to the layout.                               │
    │                                                                             │
    │ Layout  . . . BUFFER                                                        │
    │ Description   Modified short accounting report                              │
    │                                                                             │
    │ Is each new record or entry to start on a new page ?  2  1=yes 2=no         │
    │                                                                             │
    │  F1=Help    F12=Cancel                                                      │
  4. Type a new name for the new layout in the Layout field and a descriptive text in the Description field.

    To keep the existing layout SHORT, and create an additional layout, give the layout a new name by typing over the existing name. You can also type over the existing description.

    You can save the modified layout with the name of the layout you based it on. However, if you do this, the documentation does not reflect your new layout. If you pressed Enter, you would save the modified layout with the name SHORT.

    In this example, the layout is named BUFFER and the description is changed.

  5. Specify whether you want each new record on the report or trace to start on a new page.

    If your layout contains several blocks of information, it is often clearest to have every entry start on a new page.

    If your layout only contains a few blocks of information, several entries most likely fit on the page. Also, even if your layout is long, but you intend to use it with options, such as ORDER(PACKAGE), that limit the amount of information produced, you probably want more than one entry per page.

  6. Press Enter.

    The Accounting report layout BUFFER is saved into your DPMPARMS data set.

The layout change is now complete. The UTR Layout Selection panel is displayed. Notice that the layout that you just created is shown in the list of layouts. To exit from this panel, press F3.