Creating a query

To create a query, select Queries in the folders pane of the Performance Warehouse window and then click Selected > Create.

The General page of the Query Properties window is displayed. The Author, Creation date and time, and Modification date and time fields are filled in when you click OK. The Author field will contain your DB2® user ID. Then:
  1. Specify a unique name for the query in the Name field.
  2. You can type a description for the query in the Description field. This is optional.
  3. Click the Definition tab. Here you can select or specify the SQL string that makes up the query.
  4. Select a report type.
  5. Select a report block or a table. Your selection determines the content of Columns.
  6. Select a row in Columns that contains the column or table name you want to include in your query and then select this name to include it in the query. For more information about the Columns contents, refer to The Performance Warehouse data tables.
  7. Click Add column or Add table to add the column or table name to the query.

    You can use SQL query operators to combine the names.

  8. Click OK to save the query and return to the Performance Warehouse window.