How to restart exception processing (REINIT command)

If the values in the Exception Threshold data set are changed during an Online Monitor session, the exception processor needs to be restarted (reinitialized) to load and use the new values.

Exception processing initialization occurs when you start display or periodic exception processing using the options in the Exception Processor panel as shown in Figure 1. You can reinitialize exception processing by stopping and starting exception processing from the Exception Processor panel.

You can also reinitialize exception processing by using the REINIT command. The command syntax is:
Figure 1. Syntax of the REINIT command
Read syntax diagramSkip visual syntax diagramREINIT

Type REINIT (or a valid abbreviation, beginning with a minimum of REI) on any command line (except on the Asynchronous Task Termination panel) as long as exception processing is active, and press Enter.