Choose the right level of detail

Before you produce a report or a trace, consider how much detail you need. Use the LAYOUT subcommand option of the Accounting and Statistics reports and traces to control the amount of data to be produced.

In most situations the default layouts, which are short versions of reports and traces, provide enough detail for monitoring and problem determination. Do not use the most comprehensive layouts that show all possible fields unless you need this information.

For Accounting the LAYOUT subcommand option ACCEL provides detailed thread-related Accelerator activity data.

If the use of commands, subcommands, and subcommand options does not provide sufficient control over the contents of reports and traces, you can use the User-Tailored Reporting (UTR) feature to create and tailor your own report and trace layouts. With UTR you can add, remove, and change individual fields and entire report blocks to control the volume, contents, and layouts of your reports and traces. For more information, see Tailoring report layouts.