Starting the long-term analysis function

About this task


  1. Start the IBM® DB2® Buffer Pool Analyzer by double-clicking the icon on your Windows desktop, or use the Start push button on the taskbar to start this client application.

    If you are using Db2 Performance Expert, click Tools > Buffer Pool Analysis for z/OS on the menu bar, or click the Opens the Buffer Pool Analysis for z/OS window toolbar button.

    The Db2 Buffer Pool Analyzer - z/OS® main window is displayed.

  2. On the menu bar, click File > Long-Term Analysis. Alternatively, click the Starts buffer pool long-term analysis toolbar button.
    The Buffer Pool Analysis - Long-Term Analysis window is displayed. You see the first page of the long-term analysis wizard, which guides you through the following steps:
    1. Step 1: Selecting and opening buffer pool data files
    2. Step 2: Choosing a subsystem and specifying an analysis type
    3. Step 3: Specifying counters, objects, time frame, and output

    You can navigate through the pages by clicking Next or Back. On all three pages, you can click Cancel to return to the main window, or Help to get help on the current page. When you have finished these steps, you can continue with Viewing the result of a long-term analysis.